Awesome Call Quality

We provide you with the greatest sound quality around. Our engineered core network and the use of latest codecs ensures the awesome call quality that you have never felt before.


Strong Connection & Reliable

Our engineers are working with years of hard work to build up the strongest core and give you the most reliable delivery. We have the most dedicated team around so that you can relax and stay tension free.


Anytime Provisioning

Any need for more voice channels? Want to order any quantity of London numbers? You can get them anytime via the us.   


Access to Your PBX to Any Number, Anywhere, Any Time

Our SIP based services provide flexibility & leverage to your IP infrastructure. By using our network to deliver calls and services at the perfect time. Our network logic always responds and protects any changes or losses from outage.


New to SIP?

SIP means the Session Initiation Protocol.  In IP and traditional telephony, network engineers have always made a clear distinction between two different phases of a voice call. The first phase is “call setup” and includes all of the details needed to get two telephones talking.  Once the call has been set up, the phones enter a “data transfer” phase of the call using an entirely different family of protocols to actually move the voice packets between the two phones.  In the world of VoIP, SIP is a call setup protocol that operates at the application layer.  You may have also heard of H.323, an ITU protocol with similar function. They are fast becoming the standard technology that allows businesses to make and receive telephone calls without the need for an expensive ISDN circuit. SIP is used nowadays to set-up and ‘tear-down’ telephone calls over IP networks, including the internet. The VoIP protocol is most widely supported by modern devices, including IP-enabled PBXs and has a vast connection capacity worldwide.


Use of SIP

We all are in need of urgency to stay connected into business. So, having a separate voice & data networks is a legacy from the technology that was used only for voice communication before. We all know how data connectivity has grown to provide huge amounts of throughput for everyday communication.As the withdrawal of ISDN has been announced, voice networks move more and more towards SIP. SIP is used for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions in applications of Internet telephony for voice and video calls, in private IP telephone systems, in instant messaging over Internet Protocol (IP) networks as well as mobile phone calling over LTE (VoLTE). So that you can get the voice data more clear and communication becomes as flexible as possible.


UK & International Numbers are in Your Pocket

Our team has millions of UK numbers for covering the whole of Great Britain. We are ready to send them for instant provision and commission into your PBX at any time you request.

Do you need international numbers? We can also provide them through our portal and deliver them by SIP.


Porting to Any Number

Are you moving your location? Or do you want to move to SIP? It’s always easy with us. You can keep all your numbers, which will be moved over to our portal. We understand your numbers are important to you, so we assign a dedicated provisioning team to look after the process and keep you tension free.


Detecting Fraud and Keep Your Business Safe

The risk of fraud activity with call traffic is kind of a vital problem for any business. Which is not just limited to SIP. We are strict at this matter from the beginning .The price of a SIP Trunk are two of the best methods in the market today. Our security system will automatically detect a fraud activity and will warn you immediately. We will suspend that connection to keep your business safe and sound.


Protecting Any Losses from Outage or Disaster

With our strategy and fine service you won’t lose any of your important business calls due to outage or disaster. If your PBX doesn’t respond or register regularly at Voiceflex, that call will automatically route to an alternative number landline, mobile or PBX. If you have 100 DDI numbers that are registered to us, we can route each individual number to a different number. We monitor our every single client’s coverage information and give you support with the most dedicated team around.


We Deliver Faxes too !

Our powerful core network supports T.38 fax protocol to every end user device. If you need to use T.38 please let us know and we will enable the configuration for you at no extra charge. If your PBX does not support T.38 you may experience problems sending and receiving faxes over VoIP lines. No worry ! We also offer a fax to email service which will allow you to receive faxes direct to your email inbox. Sounds good, right?


Record Your Important Calls

We offer all in and outbound call recordings that can save the expense of on-site call recording equipment. Just let us know. Once your lines have been added to the recording, you will be provided with a portal account to access all recording and download when and if required. Simple and easy to administer and use. We also provide you user privacy to your calls and protect you from any unethical activities of the cyber world.


Detecting Any Threats

Every time your PBX registers to our portal, we scan your system for threats. We are trying to find security threats before the hackers do. Our scanning gigs are 100% accurate in their field and they swear an oath to protect your system at any cost. By controlling both threat and fraud detection we ensure the total safety of your system.


Excellent Network Coverage and Privilege

Our system allows users to have any kind of communication; voice, data, video at the same network for many many years. So that we have achieved a perfect efficiency at communication with an excellent network coverage and privilege. We have a strong background at convergence and reputation around in this field.